Welcome to the Jb club And thank you for most likely to Became a member And if you haven't Become one today By clicking The Members Link Down below.

The membersEdit

chat roomEdit

Please fell free to see our Chat room for Non-and Members of this wiki were it is only modentred for the Good things poeple say but you will not get banned it And try not to spam and we have no chat modeteors yet so keep it too a limt.

You As a memberEdit

You as a member Can do all kinds of stuff like add the page of Why you dislike You-know who There are lots of fun actvitys like the silly Jb Gallery and Also The name calling Jb Maker.


There Are two Activtys In The Jb Club The Silly Jb gallery and the Name Calling Jb maker Or you can get toghether with friends in the chatroom And create another Activty.

  • The Silly JB Gallery is The photo gallery of funny pictures you find or You make Using Photoshop ect. Where you post Funny wacky Pictures of Jb And is A fun Activty to make, Find , And look a.
  • The Name calling Jb maker activty is a Fun way to say random names you thinks he is like Such as annoying pig dogyhead ect.
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